A Case Study of University Archives: Illinois State University Archives as a Model Archive [thesis]

Tammy M. Hansen
Given the diversity of sizes, administrators, and archival theory, it would appear logical to think that college and university archives would vary greatly in their development, processes, collecting policies, and challenges. While there is some variation, there are more similarities in college and university archives than there are differences. This study of four state universities in Illinois examines theses similarities and differences, comparing them with the Illinois State University
more » ... te University Archives and with best practices and standards i ACKNOWLEDGMENTS There are so many people who have encouraged me, challenged me, and sacrificed their time and my attention for me to finally attain this goal. I would like to first thank my mom and dad, Jeanette and Jerry Thuotte, for always believing in me and supporting me. My children, Douglas, Zachary, Sarah, Hannah, and Lance have had to sacrifice time with and attention from me, and without their understanding, I would not have been able to complete my assignments without huge amounts of parental guilt. To my coworkers in the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences -Dean
doi:10.30707/etd2015.hansen.t fatcat:vxfvg4t3kfddlht3vppvzvstve