An Investigation into the Sorption of Some Elements by Anion Exchanger in Hydrochloric Acid-Organic Solvent-Thiourea Solution

A Al-Attas, A Al-Attas, S Al-Mahomoudi
2008 Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
Anion exchange chromatographic technique has been employed for separation of some elements as a binary system using Doulite A-102 in Cl-form. The percentage removal of Zn (II) and Cd (II) was-examined by varying experimental conditions, Viz. metal ion concentration, HCl, organic solvent (dioxane and ethanol) and thiourea solution. it was found that more than 90% removal was achieved under optimal c conditions. The adsorption capacity K for the elements was calculated from the distribution
more » ... distribution coefficient, i.e. the condition most suitable for quantitative separation are indicated and discussed based on the batch distribution coefficient adsorption of Zn (II), Mg (II), Cd (II), Cu (II), Pb(II), Mn(II), Cr(III) and Fe(III) ions on the anion exchange resin. The studied showed that anion exchange can be used as efficient adsorbent material for the removal of Zn (II) and Cd (II) from different media. Thermodynamic distribution coefficient constants have been determined at three temperature between 25-65< C. The standard free energy changes ∆G , enthalpy changes ∆H and entropy changes ∆S derived from the data are oo o presented .