Sedimentary basin analysis of the continental Devonian basin in North-East Greenland

H Olsen
1993 Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Bulletin  
Continental Devonian sediments attain a stratigraphic thickness in excess of 8000 m in North-East Greenland. Four tectonostratigraphic basin stages are recognized in the succession defined by drainage patterns and bounding unconformities and named according to their constituent Iithostratigraphic units. The oldest Vilddal basin stage exhibits eastward drainage, the succeeding Kap Kolthoff - Kap Graah basin stage exhibits southward drainage, northward drainage characterizes the Celsius Bjerg
more » ... e Celsius Bjerg basin stage, and southwestward drainage is characteristic of the youngest Harder Bjerg basin stage.
doi:10.34194/bullggu.v168.6724 fatcat:ugg6hnrzhncuzcdk25gez6auva