Experimental and Statistical Validation of Data on Mesh-Coupled Annular Distributor Design for Swirling Fluidized Beds

Shazia Shukrullah, Muhammad Yasin Naz, Abdul Ghaffar, Yasin Khan, Abdulrehman Ali Al-Arainy, Rashed Meer
2020 Processes  
In this study, velocimetry and statistical analyses were conducted on a swirling fluidized bed. A bed of spherical particles (4 mm) was fluidized by using an annular distributor covered with mesh. The angles of rectangular blades in the distributor were set at 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°, and the cell size of the mesh cover was 2.5 × 2.5 mm2. The weight was varied from 500 to 1250 g and the effect of each variable on bed velocity response was quantified through velocimetry and statistical
more » ... s. The statistical analysis was conducted using NCSS statistical software. The blade angle, bed weight and superficial velocity for 4 mm particles were statistically optimized at 750 g, 58.26° and 1.45 m/s, respectively. On the experimental side, these parameters have been optimized at 750 g, 60° and 1.41 m/s, respectively. A small difference of 1.74° was noticed in experimental and statistical predictions for the blade angle. The bed weights and superficial velocities were found to be same in both cases. The confidence interval (95%) for bed velocity was proposed in the range of 0.513 to 0.519 m/s. The experimentally optimized bed velocity remained within the proposed range. The well-agreeing results indicate good practical value of distributor design and high precision of the experimental measurements.
doi:10.3390/pr8050632 fatcat:draovpukxjga5iebnv6fx3tz4q