Toward Community, Environmental, and Sustainable Development Lucia Kurniawati & Patrick Vivid Adinata: Identifying The Opportunities for Developing Sustainable Tourism Based on Commu nity Tourism Awareness and Social Entrepreneurship Intentions IDENTIFYING THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR DEVELOPING SUSTAINABLE TOURISM BASED ON COMMUNITY TOURISM AWARENESS AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP INTENTIONS

Lucia Kurniawati, Patrick Vivid Adinata
Proceeding The 1 st International Conference on Social Sciences University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia   unpublished
The research aims to find out (1) the tourism awareness of local residents (2) the social entrepreneurship intentions of local residents; (3) the opportunity of developing sustainable tourism. The research was conducted at Sendangagung Village, Minggir, Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Territory. The population of the research is the whole community of the village. The research employed as many as 102 respondents as the sample taken by probability sampling technique. The data of the research are
more » ... ned through observation, interview, questionnaires and library study. Then, descriptive qualitative method was employed to analyze the data and to formulate the opportunities of developing sustainable tourism at Sendangagung Village. The research found that respondents showed significantly high tourism awareness. On the other hand, there was a slight doubt on the marketing strategy, whether or not the village had formulated the proper marketing strategy for the tourism activities in the village. As for the social entrepreneurship intention, the research found that the village community showed a positive response to the activities intended for social welfare. However, they were not sure whether they could be able to take part on such activities due to the lack of capacity in doing so. The research ended up with suggestions about the opportunities of developing sustainable tourism, the marketing strategy as well as capacity building programs for community of the village to support the development of the sustainable tourism.