GisGCN: A Visual Graph-Based Framework to Match Geographical Areas through Time

Margarita Khokhlova, Nathalie Abadie, Valérie Gouet Brunet, Liming Chen
2022 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
Historical visual sources are particularly useful for reconstructing the successive states of the territory in the past and for analysing its evolution. However, finding visual sources covering a given area within a large mass of archives can be very difficult if they are poorly documented. In the case of aerial photographs, most of the time, this task is carried out by solely relying on the visual content of the images. Convolutional Neural Networks are capable to capture the visual cues of
more » ... images and match them to each other given a sufficient amount of training data. However, over time and across seasons, the natural and man-made landscapes may evolve, making historical image-based retrieval a challenging task. We want to approach this cross-time aerial indexing and retrieval problem from a different novel point of view: by using geometrical and topological properties of geographic entities of the researched zone encoded as graph representations which are more robust to appearance changes than the pure image-based ones. Geographic entities in the vertical aerial images are thought of as nodes in a graph, linked to each other by edges representing their spatial relationships. To build such graphs, we propose to use instances from topographic vector databases and state-of-the-art spatial analysis methods. We demonstrate how these geospatial graphs can be successfully matched across time by means of the learned graph embedding.
doi:10.3390/ijgi11020097 fatcat:ki42hxfyovd7lkzob7xkduknzy