Anisotropic magnetothermopower: Contribution of interband relaxation

J.-E. Wegrowe, Q. Anh Nguyen, M. Al-Barki, J.-F. Dayen, T. L. Wade, H.-J. Drouhin
2006 Physical Review B  
Spin injection in metallic normal/ferromagnetic junctions is investigated taking into account the anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) occurring in the ferromagnetic layer. It is shown, on the basis of a generalized two channel model, that there is an interface resistance contribution due to anisotropic scattering, beyond spin accumulation and giant magnetoresistance (GMR). The corresponding expression of the thermopower is derived and compared with the expression for the thermopower produced by
more » ... the GMR. First measurements of anisotropic magnetothermopower are presented in electrodeposited Ni nanowires contacted with Ni, Au and Cu. The results of this study show that while the giant magnetoresistance and corresponding thermopower demonstrates the role of spin-flip scattering, the observed anisotropic magnetothermopower indicates interband s-d relaxation mechanisms.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.73.134422 fatcat:c3ah7wjawrd7zifxmqesqtlw74