Long-Term Care in New York – A 2021 Survey of Registered Voters 50 Years and Older: Annotated Questionnaire [report]

Terri Guengerich
2022 unpublished
Our study is interested in the opinions of people in certain age groups. Could you please tell me your age as of your last birthday? [IN YEARS] [RECORD ACTUAL AGE AND USE THE AGE GROUPS BELOW TO KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY RESPONDENTS WE ARE GETTING IN EACH GROUP] S2. [IF REFUSED IN S1:] I understand. Some people are not comfortable giving their age, but would you let me know which of the following age ranges you fall into? Total Weighted n 1201 40 to 49 0.0% 50 to 54 16.0% 55 to 64 33.9% 65+ 50.2%
more » ... efused [THANK & TERMINATE] 0.0% S3. To ensure it is recorded accurately, could you please state your gender? [CODE TO LIST BELOW] Total Weighted n 1201 Man 44.4% Woman 55.4% Non-Binary 0.0% Another gender identity 0.0% Not sure [DO NOT READ] 0.0% Refused [DO NOT READ] 0.2%
doi:10.26419/res.00519.002 fatcat:6iplpq2sfrhwjifd7ri4lvdzuq