Degree Based Topological Indices for Buckyball

Thayamathy Pio Jude, Eastern University, Elango Panchadcharam, Masilamani Koneswaran
2018 Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics  
Buckyball, a 60 C molecule, is highly symmetric closed cage structure with a 60 number of carbon atoms and the diameter of 0.78 nanometers. This is formed by twelve pentagons and twenty hexagons that are linked by single and double carbon-carbon bonds. In this paper, we derive the M-polynomial for the Buckyball and calculate some of the important degree-based topological indices by using the M-polynomial. We also find the forgotten polynomial and the forgotten index (F-index) for the Buckyball.
doi:10.22457/apam.v17n2a11 fatcat:fybaenje7zb43pmau5omigepry