Vitaliу Begma, Volodymyr Shemаyev, Denis Radov, Polina Tolok
2021 Strategic Panorama  
Ukraine's international economic cooperation with other countries is becoming a determining factor in providing national security, in particular, in the political, military and economic spheres. This is manifested in such areas as the equipping of the Armed Forces and other components, the implementation of national weapons production projects and the export of Ukrainian weapons. The Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine in 2014 led not only to the cessation of Ukrainian-Russian
more » ... echnical cooperation, but also transformed Russia from a competitor in the market of weapons of mass destruction into an overt enemy of the Ukrainian state, which compelled Ukraine to start looking for a new model of behavior in the market. Given that both Ukraine and the Russian Federation operate largely in the same segment the weapons market, Ukraine would be able to move from this segment dominated by our main competitor only with the support of our strategic partners and international sanctions policy against the RF because of its aggression against Ukraine. The possibility of using high-technical cooperation between Ukraine and the USA as an instrument of displacement of the Russian Federation from the world market of weapons-equipped vehicles is substantiated. It is proved that US interest in the implementation of sanctions imposed by the Russian Federation and the prevention of Russian weapons in the zone of conflict through third countries can be a powerful impetus for the development of Ukrainian-American cooperation in the high-tech sphere. Cooperation in traditional industries such as transport aircraft building, marine shipbuilding and turbine construction, rocket engineering, which are predominantly state-owned and not traded on stock markets, requires additional attention from the state to attract US investment and assistance. Variants of development of these basic branches industries have been addressed in numerous research papers. At the same time, other areas of cooperation deserve a greater attention. Priority, in our opinion, should be given to strategic materials for manufacturing and energy sector; electronics and communications industry. The article discusses ways to enhance military technology cooperation in a manner that would better reflect both parties' strategic interests and argues that a deeper understanding of these interests will help attract investment into the domestic industrial sector.
doi:10.53679/2616-9460.1-2.2021.08 fatcat:3trntqdrevcnrnjy4ypsi4eogu