Hydrogen at Scale (H 2 @Scale): Key to a Clean, Economic, and Sustainable Energy System

Bryan Pivovar, Neha Rustagi, Sunita Satyapal
2018 The Electrochemical Society Interface  
The Electrochemical Society Interface • Spring 2018 • www.electrochem.org 47 M uch of hydrogen's value to the energy-system lies in its ability to be cleanly and efficiently converted between chemical and electrical energy, while also possessing the high energy density and longterm storage potential of chemical bonds. For these reasons, hydrogen's importance is expected to grow substantially in the coming decades, providing cross-sector and cross-temporal impact through clean, efficient
more » ... s. Many of these processes are electrochemical in nature, such as electrolysis of water and electricity production using fuel cells. Hydrogen also offers significant flexibility in how it can integrate into the energy system as a function of scale (from W to GWs), source (fossil fuels, nuclear, biomass, solar, wind, thermal), and end use (grid, buildings, industry, transportation). This flexibility, along with the ability to be used as a dispatchable load or power generation source, allows hydrogen and hydrogen-based processes to couple with the overall energy system in an integrated or hybridized fashion, offering system optimization potential. However, achieving the scale necessary to have impact-the vision of Hydrogen at Scale (H 2 @Scale)-still has research challenges, many of which center around electrochemistry.
doi:10.1149/2.f04181if fatcat:3f7px2nf6zatpk6wbrj7fssoay