Conclusions and recommendations [chapter]

2010 Modeling morphodynamic evolution in alluvial estuaries  
Anthropomorphized, or human-like artefacts, have been used in teaching and training of medical skills for a long time. The most famous artefact used today is probably the Resusci ® Anne CPR training manikin, which is used for training of resuscitation skills. However, what has changed over the lifespan of these artefacts is the level of human-like features in them. All around the globe, highly anthropomorphized ICT artefacts are used in training of medical skills. Amongst others, the UNAM
more » ... ers, the UNAM University in Mexico City and Royal North Shore Hospital in New South Wales use artefacts, which are closer to human-like robots than traditional manikins in teaching. The purpose of this article is to look deeper into this phenomenon, consider its potential implications for the patient-physician relationship and quality of patient care, and to propose some practical methods for minimizing the possible risks emerging from the use of these extremely anthropomorphized artefacts.
doi:10.1201/b10824-8 fatcat:nhkbe6ndr5d4jfnwiwxlbbihni