Multidirectional sorting modes in deterministic lateral displacement devices

Brian R. Long, Martin Heller, Jason P. Beech, Heiner Linke, Henrik Bruus, Jonas O. Tegenfeldt
2008 Physical Review E  
Deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) devices separate micrometer-scale particles in solution based on their size using a laminar microfluidic flow in an array of obstacles. We investigate array geometries with rational row-shift fractions in DLD devices by use of a simple model including both advection and diffusion. Our model predicts novel multi-directional sorting modes that could be experimentally tested in high-throughput DLD devices containing obstacles that are much smaller than the separation between obstacles.
doi:10.1103/physreve.78.046304 pmid:18999523 fatcat:2bgv6hwi7zghnfsh2zo3wqpwrq