Graph-matching-based character recognition for Chinese seal images

Bin Sun, Shaojun Hua, Shutao Li, Jun Sun
2019 Science China Information Sciences  
Recognizing characters in Chinese seal images is important when researching ancient cultural artworks because the seals may contain critical historical information. However, owing to large intraclass variance and a limited number of training samples, recognizing such characters in Chinese seals is challenging. Thus, this study proposes a graph-matching-based method to recognize characters in historical Chinese seal images. In the proposed method, a Chinese seal character is first modeled as a
more » ... aph representing its underlying geometric structure. Then, two affinity matrices that measure the similarity of nodes and edge pairs are calculated with their local features. Finally, a correspondence matrix is calculated using a graph matching algorithm and the most similar reference is selected as the recognition result. Compared with several existing classification methods for seal image recognition, the proposed graph-matching-based method achieves better results, particularly in the case of limited samples.
doi:10.1007/s11432-018-9724-7 fatcat:7fxq2lcjingbpgpnsoukjqh5ji