Review of the manuscript: "Grid-Stretching Capability for the GEOS-Chem 13.0.0 Atmospheric Chemistry Model" by L. Bindle et al [peer_review]

2021 unpublished
General Comments The manuscript describes the introduction of stretched-grids for GEOS-Chem in its high-performance implementation GCHP. It demonstrates its abilities in high-resolution modeling by performing two refined simulations, one for the contiguous US using broad refinement, and one for California with a strong refinement of about 10 km. Comparison with TROPOMI tropospheric NO2 retrievals reveals reasonable spatial agreement of the simulated columns, while computational expenses can be
more » ... al expenses can be cut down significantly in comparison with a global high-resolution run. Overall, I read the manuscript with curiosity. Grid-stretching, when implemented in global chemistry models benefiting from a HPC environment, has the potential to overcome the barriers which practically limit the models' resolution due to missing computa-C1 GMDD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper
doi:10.5194/gmd-2020-398-rc1 fatcat:lsheuxf6mbfrziu47xnesuxwr4