The Bottom-­-Intensification of Mixing Causes Large Abyssal Upwelling and Downwelling

Trevor Mcdougall, Raffaele Ferrari
VIII th Int. Symp. On Stratified Flows   unpublished
We perform a buoyancy budget analysis of bottom-­-intensified mixing in the abyssal ocean and find that while the interior of the ocean exhibits diapycnal downwelling, strong dianeutral upwelling occurs in very thin continental bottom boundary layers. For a given amount of Antarctic Bottom Water which is upwelled through neutral density surfaces in the abyssal ocean (between 2000m and 5000m) up to five times this volume flux is upwelled in narrow turbulent sloping bottom boundary layers, while
more » ... p to four times the net upward volume transport of Bottom Water flows downward across isopycnals in the near-­-boundary stratified ocean interior.