Molecular detection and characterization of mutation on 23S rRNA gene associated with clarithromycin resistant in Helicobacter pylori [article]

Sahar Obi Abd albagi, Hisham Nour aldayem Altayeb, Nadir Khalil Abuzeid
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Helicobacter pylori consider as pathogenic resistant bacterium was colonized mainly in stomach and causing a prolonged gastritis with gastric ulcers were progressing to gastric carcinoma. Also its resistance to antibiotic considered as the main reason for failure to eradicate of this pathogen has been difficult when this resistance occurred as mutant on protein binding site in 23s ribosomal RNA. The highest cure rates have required multidrug antimicrobial therapies including combinations of
more » ... razole, clarithromycin and metronidazole. Bacterial DNA sequence from gastritis patients with confirmed previous positive ICT samples (Stool and Blood) were used to obtain co-related between phenotypic & genotypic variant outcome have been observed as SNPs carried on nucleotides which could be altered protein prediction as result of that caused chronic gastritis incline to gastric carcinoma due to abnormal consequence on genetic level in H. species (23s rRNA) was referred to clarithromycin resistance, was achieved on this cross-sectional studies by running two different primers were amplify in PCR machine, first one for urease producing gene (Glm as universal primer) and second one for 23s rRNA as specific primer (rp1/fp1). Two samples out of Four samples were amplified as final isolate in the first cycle and have a specific band in 23s rRNA (NO.11, NO.24) as further DNA samples investigation were sent to get our target sequence. Bioinformatics tools used to confirm a specific types of mutations give specific position responsible for bacteriostatic activity of macrolides such as clarithromycin depends on capacity to inhibit protein synthesis by binding to the 23S ribosomal subunit (23S rRNA) as resistant gene. The detection tools as MSA (multiple sequence alignment) for our nucleotides sequence to (11&24) samples with Genbank accession number 24_MK208582 and 11 _MK208583. One type of mutation has been observed in nucleotide sequence (sample-24) in position 2516 (1344 _ complementary) sequence result compared with reference sequence standard reference strain (H. pylori U27270) was confirmed which consider it as novel mutation in database for 23S rRNA Gene of H. pylori associated with Clarithromycin Resistance gene in Sudanese patients.
doi:10.1101/650432 fatcat:reb7e5yiajaf3nksvjc22yydvi