Structure of waterbird assemblages in fragmented coastal wetlands of Northeastern Algeria

M. Bouldjedri, B. Mayache
2020 Arxius de Miscel-lània Zoològica  
This study was carried out from 2007-2017 at the ecological complex of the Jijel wetlands in the north-east of Algeria. Censuses were conducted during the twelve months of each year to study variation in richness and abundance of waterbird populations for each season. We used distance sampling (point count and transect methods). A total of sixty species (eleven orders and sixteen families) were recorded. The Anatidae and Scolopacidae families were the most numerous with thirteen species. The
more » ... een species. The common coot (Fulica atra), and the Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) were the most abundant and frequent species each year. About 70 % of the species recorded occur as migrants, passing between the western Palearctic and their winter quarters in North Africa. Phenologically, we found 15 % were breeders, and from the point of view conservation status, 56 % were rare, 40 % were protected by Algerian regulations and 8 % were threatened species listed in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Our results of ornithological monitoring in the wetlands in Algeria show that action is needed to address the consequences between birds, human activities, and climate change.
doi:10.32800/amz.2020.18.0123 fatcat:ifu7pb3d35ecvjgyfu235d7sgq