Hyperbranched Poly (Ester)S from renewable Bio Monomers by Design: Nontoxic Platforms for the delivery of therapeutic agents

Bob A Howell
2019 Scientific Journal of Research & Reviews  
Figure 1 : Preparation of Glycerol/Adipic Acid. Hyperbranched Poly(ester)/Salicylic Acid Conjugate. Abstract Hyperbranched poly(ester)s from adipic or succinic acid and glycerol generated under conditions which permit high monomer conversion without gelation and assure the presence of hydroxyl endgroups may serve as effective platforms for the delivery of therapeutic agents. Active agents may be attached by esterification at the end groups. Smooth, sustained release of the therapeutic agent may
more » ... be achieved hydrolytically. A Naproxen conjugate may be prepared in an analogous manner. A glycerol/succinic acid hyperbranched poly(ester) may
doi:10.33552/sjrr.2019.02.000531 fatcat:rtoivzdv7bdqbi2zhn7rztm3b4