2021 2021 International Conference on Management, Economics, Business and Information Technology   unpublished
With the continuous development of information technology, enterprises have gradually entered the era of big data. How to analyze the complex data and find out the useful information to promote the development of enterprises is becoming more and more important in the modernization of science and technology. This paper expounds the importance and existing problems of big data application in enterprise management, and briefly analyzes and discusses its application in enterprises and its future
more » ... elopment direction and trend. With the rapid development of Internet of things, cloud computing and other information technology, the world ushered in the era of big data. It has become a trend to promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy. Due to the rapid development of economy, the amount of data information generated in the process of consumption and production is very large. Under the traditional management mode, enterprises can not meet the needs of the current social and economic development. However, the application of big data technology in enterprises can achieve better analysis and Research on these data information, so as to provide reliable data basis for enterprises to carry out various business management decisions.
doi:10.12783/dtem/mebit2021/35618 fatcat:5uyqzyqntvalbjyp5ppadyzrpe