Wealth and saving [unknown]

2010 unpublished
Extreme polarization of wealth, a prominent issue occurring in the long human history characterized by the rule of emperor, remains a serious problem in a very few nations. The modern times have seen how the worsening rich-poor divide led to the breaking out of the two world wars and a series of social problems. In some sense, rich-poor divide results in the deterioration of human nature, and is the source of all kinds of social problems. This study provides a definition of polarization of
more » ... olarization of wealth, conducts an analysis of how people's continuous saving behavior contributes to the increase in income disparity, and suggests that currency, as a universal equivalent, should be given a certain time limit, so as to ensure a check on people's constant saving conduct, prevent the limitless amassing of wealth and help solve the issue of wealth polarization.
doi:10.1787/eco_outlook-v2010-2-graph9-en fatcat:kupstbpwdna5je5g7irpuek7ve