Purification and Many-Body Localization in Cold Atomic Gases

Felix Andraschko, Tilman Enss, Jesko Sirker
2014 Physical Review Letters  
We propose to observe many-body localization in cold atomic gases by realizing a Bose-Hubbard chain with binary disorder and studying its non-equilibrium dynamics. In particular, we show that measuring the difference in occupation between even and odd sites, starting from a prepared density-wave state, provides clear signatures of localization. As hallmarks of the many-body localized phase we confirm, furthermore, a logarithmic increase of the entanglement entropy in time and Poissonian level
more » ... atistics. Our numerical density-matrix renormalization group calculations for infinite system size are based on a purification approach; this allows us to perform the disorder average exactly, thus producing data without any statistical noise and with maximal simulation times of up to a factor 10 longer than in the clean case.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.113.217201 pmid:25479517 fatcat:ycfpomo33nft3ixeh7tqecuvjm