Exchange interactions and Curie temperature of Y-Co compounds

A. Kashyap, R.F. Sabiryanov, R. Skomski, S.S. Jaswal, D.J. Sellmyer
Digest of INTERMAG 2003. International Magnetics Conference (Cat. No.03CH37401)  
The Curie temperature of rare-earth Co intermetallics is investigated by self-consistent spin-polarized electronic-structure calculations on Y-Co compounds. The total exchange interaction of a given site with all other sites (J o ) is calculated by the linear-muffin-tin-orbital method using the local force theorem and employed to obtain mean-field Curie-temperature estimates. The theoretical predictions for YCo 3 , YCo 5 , and Y 2 Co 17 are in fair agreement with the experimental Curie
more » ... res. For YCo 5 , the variation of exchange interactions (J ij ) with distance is analyzed, and it is discussed how the presence of nonequivalent cobalt sites affects the Curie temperature of the compounds. Index Terms-Curie temperature, exchange interactions, magnetic moment, permanent magnets, rare-earth cobalt intermetallics, YCo 5 .
doi:10.1109/intmag.2003.1230426 fatcat:fpaifcbwjfc7bezdx3om7ovr4q