Naomi A. H. Millard
1973 Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory  
The term 'auto-epizoism' has been coined for species which live epizootically on the same or closely related species. Examples from South African Hydroida are described. In all of these some form of stunting occurs. The origin of certain obligatory epizoites can be postulated by extrapolating from the stunted form. It is suggested that this process may have evolutionary significance and present a parallel to the evolution of parasitism. Two epizootic species previously allocated to Zygophylax
more » ... e transferred to Hydrodendron in the light of further knowledge, namely H. cornucopia and H. enigmatica (=gracilis).
doi:10.5134/175792 fatcat:6srx3iohtbbuhgwdt77q4gkbwi