Ольга Владиленовна Макашина, Наталия Сергеевна Красникова
2020 «Izvestia vyssih uchebnyh zavedenij. Seria «Ekonomika, finansy i upravlenie proizvodstvom»  
The purpose of the study was to identify the reasons why there was a need to form a new model of public sector finance and develop an algorithm for organizing public sector finance. The article compares the provisions of the guidelines developed by the international monetary fund on public finance statistics. The authors proceeded from the guidelines that the starting point for the organization of public sector Finance was the identification of institutional units and activities that relate to
more » ... ies that relate to the public sector. This made it possible to determine the composition of public sector finances. The purpose of the organization of public sector finance is to meet the socio-economic needs of society, ensuring compliance with the appropriate level of national security. The need for the functioning of institutional units in the public sector is related to the fact that it would be impossible to meet public needs on a purely entrepreneurial basis. It is determined that the practical application of the principles of classification of sectors will be required in cases where it is necessary to find out whether a particular entity belongs to institutional units and, if so, to which sector (either to the public administration sector or to state corporations). The paper shows that from the point of view of the impact on fiscal policy, public sector finances include the finances of the public administration sector, which in turn consists of institutional units that are mainly engaged in non-market activities, and the finances of state corporations (organizations). The proposed approach to the organization of public sector Finance based on the concept of institutional units will increase the availability of key statistical data. This is certainly in line with the desire of most countries to increase transparency and accountability in the public sector. In addition, it helps to identify shortcomings at the early stages of the deterioration of the financial situation in the country and to take timely corrective measures
doi:10.6060/ivecofin.2020464.500 fatcat:pkhgxtmf3vcvhi2trq5baishze