Miroslav Nimrihter, Miomir Dutina, Snežana Novaković, Strahil Gušavac
In the F.R. Yugoslavia a great number of elderly overhead lines (OHL) are in operation, so that the international community invests a significant amount of money for their revitalization. The most important issue is adequate allocation of money to those OHLs that have the greatest impact on power system (PWRS) reliability and that are in the emergency for revitalization activities. The purpose of this article is to present the methodology and software for objective quantification of an OHL
more » ... s, that is, to give its current availability level, significance (in the sense of PWRS operation) and to estimate the residual life period. The outcome of the software is the sequence and the amount the planned revitalization activities, obtained by using the optimization of OHL technical characteristics within the available capital funds. In first stage, numerical estimation of the OHL availability levels and establishment of the broader list of OHL potential candidates for revitalization is performed.The definitive priority list of the OHLs that are the most important revitalization candidates is built by using the laboratory measurements of a number of technical characteristics of those OHL that are estimated as potential candidates in the previous stage. Because of the huge number of data, which is needed for this methodology, and since the great number of criterions should be taken into account the authors have developed the software tool "Revitalization Tools". It offers the opportunity of equitable, technically reasonable approach to ranking the OHLs that are supposed for revitalization. Besides, this software gives the suggestions for the set of activities that need to be donned during the revitalization procedure of each OHL precociously selected. The time schedule of all revitalization activities is also presented to the user. Here, the special attention is paid to the time period in which new equipment should be provided.