Communication Apprehension and Imagined Interactions

James M. Honeycutt, Charles W. Choi, John R. DeBerry
2009 Communication Research Reports  
Communication apprehension (CA) is associated with fear of anticipated communication. I Yet, imagined interactions (Us) can help reduce fear of communication in which \ use mental imagery before and after to prepare and review communication. / ^ series of regression analyses in which characteristics of Us were the independent \ was used to predict overall CA, as well as in four different contexts. The regres-I sion analysis indicated that CA could be predicted by the II characteristic of
more » ... ancy I across multiple contexts. The II catharsis function was predictive in one context. I Results are discussed in terms of cognitive modification as a therapeutic technique for treating CA. V-.»
doi:10.1080/08824090903074423 fatcat:ghg3onx2kjcohmbfewovykry7q