Supervisor accessibility and job characteristics

Judith M. Dallinger, Dale Hample
1988 Communication Research Reports  
A study examined the relationship between dyadic and norm4tive-ac esqibility of work supervisors and task characteristics of autonomy, variety, and identity (whether the task is part of a process or results in a finished product). Dyadic accessibility refers to workers' ettimates of their supervisors' accessibility. Normative accessibility is the workers' estimate of supervisor accessibility, norms in the organization as a whole. Forty , middle-level management personnel in various midwestern
more » ... ganizations completed a questionnaire and were interviewed by organizational communication students. Analysis of the results indicated that task characteristics are related differentially to dyadic,and normative supervisor accessibility. The data showed support for the overall relationship between task characteristics and dyadic accessibility. variety was significantly related to access in that workers felt have more opportunity to interact with their supervisors when thei job requires many activities. The relationship of autonomy and identity to accessibility was not as clear-cut. Autonomy produced significant results, indicating that employees need to have .a relationship in which their supervisors are accessible,_ en though they may not often take advantage of it. Task identity ailed to produce a significant correlation. The results failed to indicate a relationship between task characteristics and normativ accessibility. (HTH)
doi:10.1080/08824098809359794 fatcat:rfsmrf6slrdgtbb3j4xxhutq4u