1903 The Lancet  
Royal Free (9 A.M.), London (2 P.M.), Middlesex (1.30 P.M.), St. Thomas's (2 P.M.), University College (9.15 A.M.), Charing Cross (2 P.M.), St. George's (1 P.M.), St. Mary's (10 P.M.), Throat, Golden-square (9.30 A.M.), Guy's (1.30 P.M.). At the Royal Eye Hospital (2 P.M.), the Royal London Ophthalmic (10 A.M.), the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic (1.30 P.M.), and the Central London Ophthalmic Hospitals operations are performed daily. SOCIETIES.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)67838-8 fatcat:ckmj2nnfsjb5jg2xqpbllsbj2a