A Study of the Achievements in the Library Team Leadership

Nancy Chou
【摘要 Abstract】 本文主要由圖書館管理的觀點探討:在圖書館中自然形成的非正式組織團隊與為因應瞬息萬變環境 下產生的任務編組團隊-團隊領導,對於現代化圖書館管理之影響與運用。特別強調在知識經濟時代, 傳統的圖書館組織編制較難應付圖書館經營上的需求,因此在人力資源運用上,需以團隊領導,讓人才 得到充份利用,分享每位成員的隱性知識,以達到創意革新的經營績效,同時呼籲領導者重視人才培植 及永續經營的必要性。 This paper focuses on the study from the viewpoints of the library management the influences over the modern library management and the utilization thereof in the aspects of the naturally-formulated leadership through the informal organizations and any organized team leadership brought about
more » ... rship brought about under the vicissitude of the current environments. Special emphasis is laid on the necessity of the team leadership in the present knowledge economy era as a result of the difficulties confronted by the traditional library organizations in the library operations nowadays. Therefore, in the utilization of human resources, the team leadership is essential for making full use of the capable library staff to have their potential knowledge shared so as to materialize the creative innovations and achievements in the library operations. Moreover, library leadership are also urged to notice the indispensability of the cultivation of hopeful librarians and the substenance of the library operations. 關鍵詞 Keyword 正式組織 非正式組織 團隊領導 圖書館管理 圖書館團隊領導 Formal organization;Informal organization;Team leadership;Library management;Library team leadership 1