Anesthetizing Sea Cucumbers v1 ( [dataset]

Jon Eilers
1 1 This protocol is for anesthetizing sea cucumbers. After soaking the sea cucumber in the menthol/ethanol/saltwaer solution for 30-60 minutes the sea cucumber should be flacid and relatively unresponsive to poking. No sea cucumber has eviscerated during surgery after being anesthetized although they do contract and appear like they are trying. The anesthestia wears off quickly after being placed back in salt water. This protocol is based on the method for anesthetizing Apostichopus japonicus
more » ... tichopus japonicus as published in the citation below YUSUKE YAMANA, TATSUO HAMANO AND KEN-ICHI YAMAMOTO (2005). Anesthetizer of the adult sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus. NIPPON SUISAN GAKKAISHI 71(3):299-306.
doi:10.17504/ fatcat:rhjy3qulobgd5er3763k4k2fey