Matluba Abdullayevа
The article examines the factors that determine the strategic efficiency of industrial enterprises, the criteria and ways of investment support for their sustainable development. The purpose of the study is to analyze the factors of sustainable development of an industrial enterprise based on increasing its innovative potential in Uzbekistan. The study used the methodology of logical, historical, statistical and comparative analysis, methods of expert assessments, economic modeling, a method
more » ... assessing the reliability of qualitative and quantitative statistical indicators. The main hypothesis of the study was the assumption that with the intensive transformation of innovation into a determining factor of sustainable development, an effective means of increasing the competitiveness of an industrial enterprise is the use of innovative potential. Presentation of the main material. The sustainable development of the enterprise is ensured by the possibilities of accumulating resources in the innovation sphere, their rational use within the framework of the selected priorities, that is, by increasing the innovative potential. The practical significance of the work lies in the application by the executive authorities of the research results when drawing up medium-term and long-term programs for the socio-economic development of regions. Conclusions and prospects for further research. The modern model of sustainable development of enterprises presupposes the systemic integration of the scientific and technical sphere into the processes of economic and social development. Proposals for ensuring sustainable development based on increasing the innovative potential in practice will make it possible to reasonably revise the strategic guidelines of an industrial enterprise and increase its sustainability, expressed in a change in the level of innovative potential.
doi:10.32620/cher.2021.3.01 fatcat:aseudsmmmbgbfaq364xub2wbii