Representation of Women in Popular Indian Movies : An Analysis of English Vinglish and Heroine

Auju OK
Male supremacy and patriarchy has become two clichéd words, but it is a fact that these two words define almost all societies in the world. Indian society is no different from this, in fact this is where these two words fit in smoothly. This is reflected in our literature, art and movies too. My enquiry here is about how do the preconceived notions about feminity find their way into popular movies. The article analyzes two popular Hindi movies: English Vinglish and Heroine. These two movies
more » ... hese two movies portray two women who are very different from each other ; a house wife and an actress. But many a times these two women are one and the same in terms of the attitude of the society towards them. Therefore the paper intends to reveal the double standards and hypocrisy of Indian society.
doi:10.24113/ijellh.v9i3.10963 fatcat:ctlasw5jkjdvfnsnfrt7yxc2re