The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performances in a Set of Industrial Factories in Isfahan

M. Golparvar,, F. Khaksar,
2010 روانشناسی بالینی و شخصیت  
The purpose of this research was to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence components (including problem solving, happiness, independence, stress tolerance, self actualization, emotional self–awareness, reality testing, interpersonal relationship, optimism, self–regard, impulse control, flexibility,social responsibility, empathy and assertiveness) with performance self–evaluation in general, technical and interpersonal domains. To this end, from 150 factories (with 11000
more » ... sonnel) in Morchekhort industrial town, 35 factories, consisting of 300 individuals were randomly selected using multi–stage sampling method. The research instruments were Bar–one's emotional intelligence questionnaire (EI with 90 items) and Motowidlo and Van Scatter's job performance self–evaluation scale (with 6 item). The data were analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient and stepwise regression analysis. The results indicated that there was a significant positive correlation between emotional intelligence components with general job performance self evaluation (from 0.303for flexibility to 0.409 for self–regard), there was also a positive correlation between emotional intelligence components with technical job Performance (from 0.167 for flexibility to 0.327 for self–regard) and the correlation between emotional intelligence components with interpersonal job performance self–evaluation was found to be positive as well. (from0.183 for flexibility to 0.383 for optimism). In addition, the result of stepwise regression analysis revealed that self–regard, empathy, independence and impulse control for general job performance, self-regard, intepersonal relationship and reality testing for technical job performance and optimism, empathy, independents and interpersonal relationship for the interpersonal job performance have significant predictive effect (p<0.05).
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