ARM based Low Cost Sensor Network for Real Time Contamination Detection in Drinking Water Distribution System

Mr Pramod Bhaiyasaheb Shinde, Mrs. Sarita Vijay Verma
2016 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
In order to prevent health issue one should drink contamination free water. As we know that human body contains about 80% of water. We can't even imagine life without water. International research missions such as mission Mars by NASA is searching for water traces on Mars. This is enough to highlight the importance of water in living things. Such quality of water should be available to everyone in abundant quantity. For availability of such quality water we have developed a strict regulatory
more » ... hanism to monitor water quality. Our system will make sure that the water supply to the city is as per the quality marks opted by the government. Our system will monitor pH, turbidity, conductivity, and temperature on real time basis. Hence immediate action can be taken before creating any issue relating to public health. Contaminated monitoring will help to stop supply of water to city thereby reducing the water wastage. This is current need of our society. This system consists of in-pipe electrochemical and optical sensors and is very reliable & can work for a long time. It also helps us to reduce the manpower which in turn reduces the expenditure on workers salary.
doi:10.17577/ijertv5is030251 fatcat:4r254lcrnvedjapjm3xntt7bie