Production Rate Improvement for Assembly Line in Sheet Metal Stamping Industry

N L A Othman, N A M Zain, D Ibrahim, Y Yaacob
2019 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
In today's manufacturing industry, there is an increased focus to produce the right product at right time. This project is to study the process flow of Philips Fluorescents Lamp assembly line in sheet metal stamping company based on lines concept and factors influencing the production lines efficiency by analyzing the problem occurred in the process. The manual and automatic assembly has been analyzed for its influence on the assembly line. The transformation from manual to the automated
more » ... y where the manual screwing and packing processes replaced by automated machines is studied. During factory visit, the average cycle time for manual and automated assembly process was taken in order to analyze it. The number of output of Fluorescents Lamp before and after the transformation was studied. Data collected used to simulate the current assembly line process using simulation software, DELMIA Quest. The layout where all process consists of manual assembly and after adding the machines have been designed and analyzed using this software. Based on the current layout analysis, a new layout was proposed in order to get a better process flow. The proposed layout shows an improvement of average production rate of at least 16% from the current assembly line.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/505/1/012119 fatcat:hmkoxmxzxrd67hoq7pwc4jhkpy