Dual-Mode Antenna for Health Monitoring System in Body-Centric Wireless Communications

2014 Sensors and materials  
Body-centric wireless communications (BCWCs) have become an active area of research owing to many applications, such as healthcare systems, identification systems, and entertainment. In this paper, a dual-mode antenna for body-centric wireless communications is studied. In on-body mode, the antenna is similar to a pair of metal electrodes operating at 10 MHz, and in off-body mode, with an L-shaped slit embedded, the antenna can cover the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band (2.45
more » ... Since the proposed antenna is applied in BCWCs, the simulated received voltage and electric field distributions on the arm phantom, chest phantom, and high-resolution human model are discussed in this paper. Measured results, including reflection coefficient and radiation patterns in the ISM band (2.45 GHz) are presented to validate the proposed antenna.
doi:10.18494/sam.2014.1031 fatcat:jvdfpxpyf5hvbpl2ad35y2njfm