Assessing of Preparedness for Disasters and Crisis in Centers of Trauma and Accidents of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in 2016

Mohammadi, Aminisaman, Ezzati
2018 Journal of Clinical Nursing and Midwifery   unpublished
and aims: Natural and technologic disasters and accidents have great influence on people's lifestyle and their health. Main object of hospitals is providing fast and timely health care to reduce mortality and complications by the disaster. The aim of this study is to evaluate preparedness crisis and disasters in centers of trauma of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences. Methods: The present descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted in three hospitals (A,B,C) of Kermanshah university
more » ... of medical sciences, Iran, 2016. Data were collected using a self-administered checklist and questioner through observation and interview. The checklist included 220 yes/no questions in 10 domains of emergency (30 questions), admission (24 questions), evacuation and transfer (30 questions), traffic (15 questions), communication (16 questions), security (17 questions), education (17 questions), support (28 questions), human workforce (21 questions), and leadership and management (22 items). Scores 0 and 1 were given to "No" and "Yes" choices, respectively. Data were analyzed using SPSS and descriptive statistics. Results: Overall, the relative mean of disaster preparedness in the study hospitals A, B and C was 99.1%, 43.4%and 84.7%, respectively. Generally, the average readiness score for all hospitals was 75%. The most and lowest preparedness was related to the management and traffic domains. Conclusion: According to the results, preparedness of hospitals was in the suitable level. Officials of medical centers have the necessary programs and educations in all areas of disaster preparedness for quick response and timely in hospitals.