Improved Shelf Life of Fresh Buro (Fermented Fish with Rice) through Vacuum Packaging

Wilma De Vera, Veronica Austria, Christian Soriano, Raquel Pambid
2015 Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research   unpublished
The study determined the effects of mass of frozen packed fresh buro (fermented fish with rice) (factor A), the length of time the vacuum pressure was applied (factor B), the amount of vacuum pressure applied (factor C), on the shelf life of vacuum-packed buro (fermented fish with rice). Using three-factor analysis of variance, it was found out that factors A,B,C and factor B vs. C significantly increased the shelf life of frozen fresh buro. All other interactions are significant. Higher
more » ... cant. Higher amounts of vacuum pressure applied and longer duration of its application gives the maximum shelf life for a given mass of frozen fresh buro. Results also show that on the average, the shelf life of frozen fresh buro was doubled when vacuum-packed. Future studies are recommended to the best effect of nitrogen gas add-on in shelf life of frozen fresh buro.