Initial Assessment of Abrasive Wear Resistance of Austempered Cast Iron with Vermicular Graphite

M. S. Soiński, A. Jakubus
2014 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
The work compares the abrasive wear resistance of cast iron containing vermicular graphite, measured in the as-cast state and after austempering carried out at 290°C, 340°C, or 390°C. Theexaminations were performed by means of the T-01M tribological tester using the pin-on-disc configuration. Specimens used for examinations were taken from the end tabs of the tensile specimens, these being cut out of the test walls of the double-leg keel block test castings. Examinations proved that the
more » ... ed that the austempering process increases the abrasive wear resistance of vermicular cast iron by several times as compared with the as-cast material. A tendency for a slight decrease in abrasive wear with an increase in austempering temperature can be stated. The coefficient of friction took a little higher values for cast iron after thermal treatment than for the as-cast material. The work was completed with roughness examination by means of electron scanning microscopy.
doi:10.2478/amm-2014-0183 fatcat:zphqoxj6azepfd6krfjl7v5nju