THU0613 Exploring the impact of health status and well-being of people with inflammatory arthritis on presenteeism in the workplace: a qualitative study

CJ Jones, K Payne, B Gannon, S Verstappen
2017 Poster Presentations   unpublished
Rheumatic diseases (RD) affect women during reproductive age. Children's outcome is a major topic for counselling on family planning, but no large studies are available. Objectives: We aimed at assessing the long-term health conditions of children born to mothers with RD through a self-reported questionnaire. Methods: 24 Rheumatology Centers distributed the questionnaire (65 multiple choice and 12 open-answer questions) to consecutive women with RD attending their outpatient clinic during
more » ... ber 2015. Data were compared according to maternal diagnosis (MD) -chronic arthritis (CA) or connective tissue disease (CTD)-and to the timing of pregnancy (before or after MD of RD). Results: The survey yielded data about 269 children born to 184 mothers (63 CA, 121 CTD). According to MD, children had a mean age of 17.1 (±9.6 SD) and 14.4 (±9.0 SD) years at the time of interview, and male children were 52/93 (56%) and 91/176 (52%), respectively. Twenty-nine children in the CA group (31.2%) and 64 in the CTDs group (36.4%) were born after MD of RD. Pre-term delivery (before 37 weeks) was observed in 48 cases (17.8%), mostly children born to mothers with CTD (37/48, 77%). Regarding school performance, 12 children (4.5%) repeated one year of school, in 7 cases for indolence, in 3 for learning disabilities (LD)/health problems (HP), in 2 for family problems. Eleven of these children were born before MD. Overall, 9 children (3.3%) were diagnosed with a LD and 53 children were affected by HP requiring either hospitalization or evaluation by a Specialist (Table) . Three children (1%) were affected by autoimmune disease.
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2017-eular.1803 fatcat:3b6t2bl4hrb5dpi4ovwi4d2hqa