1964 Review of Production and Technique of Iron and Steel in Japan

Takeshi Yamaoka
1965 Tetsu-to-Hagané Overseas  
Ltd . are acqu iring fore ign tec hno logy relating to steel ta p degass ing and multistage type degassing methods; this is indi cative ofa trend toward wide use of vacu um metallurgy technology. Japanese firm Th e main in stan ces o f technological co-operation (Class B) are shown in T a ble 6. Conspicuous in this tab le are two instances of acquis ition of continuous T a ble 5. Foreign technology acq ui sitions (C lass A) during 1964 Partner Cou nlry Deta ils of technology acquired
doi:10.2355/isijintoverseas.5.1_2 fatcat:veaeury6r5d7haw7r5ivlchblq