Mineral CO2 Sequestration by Carbonation of Glauberite

Kuanwei Rong, Aixiang Wu, Shenghua Yin, Hongyan Li
2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
CO 2 mineral sequestration has significant advantages such as safety and permanence, but its industrial application is limited by high costs. Combining CO 2 mineral sequestration with existing industrial processes can make it economically viable by integrating ore extraction, crushing and grinding, and avoiding the construction of new carbonation plant. In this paper, CO 2 mineral sequestration was combined with the leaching of sodium sulfate from glauberite. The dissolution behavior and
more » ... tion process of glauberite ore were studied in detail. The influences of key parameters such as ammonia dosage, CO 2 pressure and temperature were also investigated. The results showed that under the optimal conditions (ammonia dosage 110%, CO 2 pressure 5 bar, temperature 100℃), the carbonation rate of glauberite can reach 93.4%, while the concentrations of sodium ion and sulfate ion were 25.8g/L and 53.8g/L, respectively. The increase of ammonia dosage and CO 2 pressure contributed to the dissolution and carbonation of glauberite. Temperature, however, affected them in two very different ways.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/300/3/032092 fatcat:t5i5kzhhl5fqphaspirwej42zu