Modeling of MEMS Resonator Piezoelectric Disc Partially Covered with Electrodes

Ismail Naciri
2016 American Journal of Mechanics and Applications  
The Legendre polynomial method has been extended to the modeling of MEMS resonator disc partially covered with electrodes. The disc has been divided into two areas: one with electrodes and the other without electrodes. For each area, The Maxwell equations and the piezoelectric constitutive equations of motion are studied and solved to yield a frequency response and electrical behavior of the MEMS resonator applying a semi analytical method based on a Legendre polynomials series and
more » ... functions. However, the method allows incorporating the boundary conditions directly into the governing equations by assuming position-dependent of elastic constants, mass density and delta functions. The alternating electrical source is described by specific terms which are also introduced into the equation of motion. The formalism has been developed which allows for both harmonic and modal analyses. In order to validate our polynomial approach, numerical results are presented such as resonant and anti-resonant frequencies, electric input admittance, electromechanical coupling coefficient and field profiles of fully and partially metallized PZT5A resonator discs. The results obtained were compared with those obtained by an approximated analytical method. The developed software proves to be very efficient to retrieve the contour modes of all orders.
doi:10.11648/j.ajma.20160401.11 fatcat:lmoypvzc5rarhp3sn6tjohr3ry