Improvement of vacuum squeezing resonant on the rubidium D1 line at 795 nm

Yashuai Han, Xin Wen, Jun He, Baodong Yang, Yanhua Wang, Junmin Wang
2016 Optics Express  
We report on efficient generation of second harmonic laser and single-mode vacuum squeezed light of 795 nm with periodically poled KTiOPO4 (PPKTP) crystals. We achieved 111 mW of ultra-violet (UV) light at 397.5 nm from 191 mW of fundamental light with a PPKTP crystal in a doubling cavity, corresponding to a conversion efficiency of 58.1%. Using the UV light to pump an optical parametric oscillator with a PPKTP crystal, we realized -5.6 dB of a maximum squeezing. We analyzed the pump power
more » ... dence of the squeezing level and concluded that the UV light induced losses limit the improvement of the squeezing level. The generated squeezed light has huge potential application in quantum memory and ultra-precise measurement.
doi:10.1364/oe.24.002350 pmid:26906810 fatcat:xdilqv2tsbb6xcormu4adrbsje