Morphological characteristics of uterine tubes ampullae in elderly females
Морфологическая характеристика ампул маточных труб женщин пожилого возраста

Irina A. Balandina, Anna M. Nekrasova
2020 Курский научно-практический вестник «Человек и его здоровье»  
The aim of the study is to determine the size and to identify the features of histoarchitectonics of the uterine tube ampulla of an old-aged female. Materials and methods. The ampulla of both uterine tubes was examined in 26 nulliparous and 78 giving birth elderly women using morphometric, histological, immunohistochemical, and micrometric research methods. Results. The length and outer diameter of uterine tubes at the points of transition of isthmus into the ampulla and ampulla into the
more » ... bulum as well as in the central part of ampulla are characterized by the absence of a statistically significant difference in parameters in nulliparous and giving birth women. The histoarchitectonic features of the ampullae of the uterine tubes in nulliparous and giving birth women in old age consist in the flattening of the epithelium of the mucous membrane, which forms many closely spaced thickened folds that create an uneven narrowing of the ampulla lumen, and the proliferation of connective tissue between the bundles of muscle fibers of the muscular membrane. The presence of Ki-67 expression in single cells of less than 1%, as well as a thin layer of epithelial membrane antigen in the epithelium of the ampulla along with the complete absence of its expression in the stroma reflect normal tissue regeneration and act as an equivalent to the anatomical norm in elderly females. When comparing lumen areas of ampulla and its wall at mid-section as well as the circumference of epithelial lining, a predominance of parameters in the right uterine tube was revealed (p<0.01). Conclusion. The study showed the similar qualitative and quantitative morphological characteristics of the uterine tube ampullae both in nulliparous and giving birth females in old age.
doi:10.21626/vestnik/2020-3/06 fatcat:4ktsaebvgbcvrlfiu7e6z7tcfa