Attitudes toward Rubella and Varicella Vaccination during Preconception Care

Elise Foley, Shelby Breit, Courtney Marsh, Kevin Ault, Michael Lydic
2021 Kansas journal of medicine  
Introduction. MMR and Varicella vaccines contain live attenuated virus, a contraindication during pregnancy. For this reason, it is important to clinically assess barriers to vaccination during the preconception time period to avoid the known fetal morbidity associated with congenital Rubella or Varicella infection. Methods. To determine the prevalence of patients with nonimmune status for Rubella and Varicella in the setting of advanced reproductive care. Secondary outcomes of interest
more » ... further understanding nonimmune reproductive-aged women's attitudes toward MMR and Varicella vaccination during the preconception time frame. Patient records were with lab orders for Rubella or Varicella immunoglobulin titers, placed at the KU Advanced Reproductive Care clinic between January 2017 and June 2020. A cross-sectional survey was administered to patients with a laboratory reported negative titer result. Results. Prevalence of nonimmunity within the study population to either Rubella and/or Varicella was 10.7% (n=1,979), to Rubella, 6.0% (n=134) and to Varicella, 3.8% (n=85) out of a total 2,217 patient records reviewed. The women who did not receive recommended vaccines following a nonimmune titer result (n=19) most commonly cited their rationale was to not further delay fertility treatment (n=8). Conclusions. The prevalence of nonimmune persons in the study population fell within the range recognized to be sufficient for herd immunity. The risk/benefit analysis of postponing fertility treatment to achieve adequate levels of immunity should be a focused discussion when establishing fertility treatment goals with patients in the setting of advanced reproductive care.
doi:10.17161/kjm.vol14.15205 fatcat:cr7gwzohqzbyzpqgj5irpf4js4