Chiral dynamics in QCD at finite chemical potential

Sourendu Gupta, R. Ray
2004 Physical Review D  
We present the renormalized Taylor expansion of the chiral condensate with chemical potential. The relation with the Taylor coefficients of meson susceptibilities and the quark mass dependence of the quark number susceptibilities are obtained through chiral Ward identities and Maxwell relations. The continuum limit is obtained in quenched and two flavour QCD. In Nf=2 QCD, the quadratic response coefficients (QRCs) of the chiral condensate to chemical potential indicate that pion fluctuations
more » ... rease at finite chemical potential toward the critical end point. We discuss how these observables can be used to test other features of the QCD phase diagram.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.70.114015 fatcat:x2223qwpljftzk4piky65gn2oy