Peer Review #1 of "Biologically-oriented mud volcano database: muddy_db (v0.1)" [peer_review]

2021 unpublished
Mud volcanoes (MVs) are naturally occurring hydrocarbon hotbeds with continuous methane discharge, contributing to global warming. They host microbial communities adapted to hydrocarbon oxidation. Given their research value, MVs still represent a niche topic in microbiology and are neglected by hydrocarbon-oriented research. All the data regarding MVs is sporadic and decentralized. To mitigate this problem, we built a custom Natural Language Processing pipeline (muddy_mine), and collected all
more » ... e available MV data from open-access articles. Based on this data, we built the muddy_db database. The muddy_db represents the first biologically oriented database rendered as a user-friendly web app. This database includes all the relevant MV data, ranging from microbial taxonomy to hydrocarbon occurrence and geology. The muddy_mine and muddy_db tools are licensed under the GPLv3.
doi:10.7287/peerj.12463v0.1/reviews/1 fatcat:n2z67of54zhubhnr7j7fbo6x3u