Synthesis and evaluation of nicotine alpha4beta2 receptor radioligand, 5-(3'-18F-fluoropropyl)-3-(2-(S)-pyrrolidinylmethoxy)pyridine, in rodents and PET in nonhuman primate

Sankha Chattopadhyay, Baogang Xue, Daphne Collins, Rama Pichika, Rudy Bagnera, Frances M Leslie, Bradley T Christian, Bingzhi Shi, Tanjore K Narayanan, Steven G Potkin, Jogeshwar Mukherjee
2005 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Nicotine alpha(4)beta(2) receptor subtypes are implicated in the study of Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, substance abuse, lung cancer, and other disorders. We report the development and evaluation of a putative antagonist, 5-(3'-fluoropropyl)-3-(2-(S)-pyrrolidinylmethoxy)pyridine (nifrolidine) as a PET agent for nicotine alpha(4)beta(2) receptors.
pmid:15632043 fatcat:q57xk7xrxza35ouobjw5nrr4ja