Synthesis and evaluation of nicotine alpha4beta2 receptor radioligand, 5-(3'-18F-fluoropropyl)-3-(2-(S)-pyrrolidinylmethoxy)pyridine, in rodents and PET in nonhuman primate

Sankha Chattopadhyay, Baogang Xue, Daphne Collins, Rama Pichika, Rudy Bagnera, Frances M Leslie, Bradley T Christian, Bingzhi Shi, Tanjore K Narayanan, Steven G Potkin, Jogeshwar Mukherjee
2005 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Binding of (18)F-nifrolidine to alpha(4)beta(2) receptor-rich regions in rats and monkeys indicates promise as a PET agent. Additionally, the thalamus-to-cerebellum ratio approached a plateau of 1.7 in 120 min, indicating relatively faster kinetics compared with previously reported imaging agents.
pmid:15632043 fatcat:q57xk7xrxza35ouobjw5nrr4ja